Custom DNN Modules


 DateSeatingChildrenAdultsMeals ServedNotes
Delete 8/22/2023Early Seating123656 # Meals is the actual number of meals served as people are allowed to have more than 1 plate (serving).
Delete 8/21/2023Late Seating256294
Delete 3/12/2021Early Seating42752
Delete 3/2/2021Late Seating51223
Delete 9/6/2019Early Seating125289
Delete 9/4/2019Late Seating5265185 custom note
Delete 5/18/2019Early Seating82742
Delete 5/1/2019Early Seating81227
Delete 5/1/2019Late Seating132752
Delete 3/17/2019Early Seating152586

Custom DNN Module

This custom DNN module was built recently to track number of meals served at a church in Hyannis that provides free meals to the needy three times a week. Reporting feature allows for custom date range reports.

Leveraging the core Reports module provides for summary reporting.