In today's competitive e-business world, branding and advertising are critical components to success. At Global Internet Business Solutions, our design team's mission is to make sure our clients stand out in front of their competitors, to deliver a clear message to customers. This message is sent out in new methods, or by extending a current brand. Corporate identity, print, and web designs are just a few areas mastered by the Global Internet Business Solutions design team.

Strategic Design

Define Goals + Target Audience

How will your website be used? Will it be used to enhance your brand, sell products/services, improve customer relationships or all of the above. Once we define how your website will be used, we can develop a site that will effectively service your target audience.

Evaluate Online Competition

Through competitive analysis, we will determine your strengths and weaknesses vs. online competition. By assessing the competition, we can effectively identify any threats to your online business as well as any opportunities you might have overlooked.

Target Online Visuals

By defining online goals and performing the requisite competitive analysis, we will design "targeted visuals". This means that the GUI (graphical user interface) is designed using navigation, interactivity, colors, typography, graphics, etc. that appeal to your target audience.

Core Development

Application Platform

Based upon your technical requirements, we build your web application utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio and host on the Microsoft Azure Cloud targeting a traditional desktop and mobile devices.

Define Specifications & Program Application

Your technical specifications are then implemented and the application is scripted and integrated with Microsoft SQL Server back-end database using the open source DotNetNuke content management system.


Site Launch

Here the QA function is carried out and any needed fixes or upgrades are prioritized. We then search optimize your site for Google, Yahoo, Bing and Open Directory to provide top search engine optimization and rankings for relevant keywords and PageRank.

Web Site Design Expertise

  • DotNetNuke Web Site Design & Development
  • E-commerce Development
  • Corporate Identity
  • Branding and Advertising
  • CD/DVD Development
  • Interactive Presentations