Custom Database Reporting

Database Reports

The Reports module provides a simple, but flexible, view on data from your database. SuperUsers (aka "Host" users) can develop Reports by building a SQL Query and visualizing it with one of the Visualizers built-in to the module or a 3rd-party Visualizer.

How can you use the Reports Module?

  • Display a table of custom data from your Database
  • Display a list of Users in a specific Role
  • Display advanced queries that pull data from multiple tables
  • Display a chart of the number of users in each role
  • Display a report from SQL Reporting Services

Features: What can the Reports Module do now?

  • Display the results from any SQL Query in one of many ways:
    • a Grid
    • a Chart
    • an HTML-based template
    • an XSLT-based transformation
    • or anything else you want with the extensible Visualizer framework
  • Display reports from SQL Reporting Services
  • Import/Export Report Definitions through standard Import/Export Content

Sample Report Grids